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Welcome to this short course on Manual Handling in Schools.


This course will help you to understand how you can reduce the risk of injury from manual handling.


We’re going to look at three key areas during the course:

  • Why correct manual handling is important
  • What you lift or move at work
  • How we can avoid injuries and lift items correctly


Before we start, it’s helpful to remind ourselves that manual handling means moving a load using human effort, as opposed to mechanical handlings using a crane or lift trucks. It therefore includes lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying.



There is also a short assessment.

You will need 5/6 to pass.



This Course has been specifically adapted for:



Avoiding Injuries

Avoiding injuries

By using the LITE Assessment and assessing the manual handling operation we can reduce the risk of injury by planning our lift or using alternative options.


Common School examples

For example, to reduce the risks when manual handling our three common school items:

  • The water cooler could be plumbed into the mains
  • The box of paper could be split and carried as reams or blocks of paper
  • The waste could be moved a shorter distance by bringing the skip or van closer to the building