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In an Emergency

The workplace emergency procedures must be understood by all personnel.

The location of fire fighting equipment should be clear and visible, make sure you know where it is.
In the event of an emergency or injury:
  • You should be able to identify the approved fire marshal personnel
  • You must be able to locate the first aid box location
  • You should be able to identify the appointed First Aider
  • Knowledge of where the nearest A+E Hospital may also be useful



Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are colour-coordinated to help you instantly recognise what Class of fire they are effective and safe to use on.


Click on the colours below to learn what extinguishers can be used for each type of fire.


Basic Principles of Fire

Fire is a chemical reaction which needs 3 things to start:

  • A source of fuel (something that burns)

  • Oxygen

  • A source of ignition (heat)


Understanding the concept of the fire triangle is very important when preventing and reducing the risk of a fire emergency.


Click on the Fire Triangle below to learn about the different sources and materials that will lead to a fire when combined. 

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