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Sharps Awareness Assessment Quiz

Remember to give an answer to each question. You will get your score at the end, and be able to download your certificate from the portal dashboard once you have passed.




Sharps Awareness Assessment


Well Done – You have completed the learning part of Sharps Awareness.

You are now required to answer 8 multiple-choice questions to complete the course.

There is no time limit, so take your time and submit your answers once selected.

Once completed, your score will be calculated and you will be able to download your certificate from the portal dashboard once you have passed.

You must score at least 80% to pass this course.

If you get any answers wrong, you will be able to return to the start and re-try.

Good luck!


Welcome to this Sharps Awareness Course

Our Sharps Awareness eLearning training course is designed to teach all workers the best practices for the safe, responsible use and disposal of sharps. The course is aimed at anyone in any industry who will or might come into contact with sharps.

By the end of this course, you will have learned about:​

  • The types and dangers of Sharps
  • The safe disposal of Sharps
  • How to reduce risks of injury or infection


We recommend you complete this course in a quiet learning environment, free from distraction and interruption.

There is a short 8-question assessment once completed. You will need to score 80% to pass.



IOSH approved e-learning bitesize course


By confirming below, I hereby acknowledge that this course provides a basic introduction and I will seek further training where necessary. I also affirm that:

  • I, as the student named, undertaking this eLearning Sharps Awareness course, agree to the terms and conditions provided.
  • I also confirm that I will read and understand the training materials provided, and will undertake the test, and confirm that completion of the test is my own work.
  • I also understand that should I be unsuccessful I can re-sit the test.
  • I understand that the information provided by me above is confidential and will be held on file in accordance with the Data Protection Act.