Health and Safety Awareness


Health and Safety Awareness

Health and safety in the workplace must be a collaborative venture involving both employer and employees.

This Health and Safety Awareness course offers basic health and safety training for all members of the workplace, in all industries. It will provide a foundation of knowledge so that both employer and employees know their responsibilities when it comes to health and safety.

This training will give all workers an understanding of the health and safety essentials, so that the workplace can be a safer and more productive place. Tailored to your specific organisation, you can be sure that all the information will be relevant to your needs.

The training will focus on the following:

  • How to contribute to a health and safety culture
  • How to identify common workplace hazards and risks
  • Your employer’s responsibilities for your health and safety
  • When and where your health and safety might be most at risk
  • How to minimise health and safety risks

  • Receive necessary and important training in the convenience of your workplace.
  • Direct and personal training by an experienced teacher will ensure that you retain all the information.
  • The in-company format allows us to tailor some of the discussions and topics to your specific business, making it more relevant to you.
  • All workers will be on the same page when it comes to health and safety risks and how to best minimise those risks, ensuring that health and safety is seamlessly integrated into work culture.

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