IOSH Fire Risk Assessment


IOSH Fire Risk Assessment

Every workplace is required by law, under Fire Safety Order 2005 (FRO), to appoint a competent person to carry out a fire risk assessment. It is imperative that managers and supervisors understand their specific fire safety duties under the FRO.

The IOSH Fire Risk Assessment course offers two days of in company fire risk assessment training for managers and supervisors, of any industry. This training is approved by the world’s largest health and safety organisation, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). Once the course and assessment are completed, you will receive an IOSH accredited certificate.

This training will inform managers and supervisors of their responsibilities under the FRO. Specifically, they will be taught how to identify “fit for purpose” fire risk assessments as well as carry out a basic low risk fire risk assessment for low to medium risk environments.

  • Receive necessary and important training in the convenience of your workplace.
  • Direct and personal training by an experienced teacher will ensure that you retain all the information.
  • The in company format allows us to tailor some of the discussions and topics to your specific business, making it more relevant to you.
  • With this training, managers and supervisors will be able to confidently perform fire risk assessments for their workplace, in compliance with the FRO law.
  • Regular, competent fire risk assessments will ensure the safety of your employees and workplace.

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