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A risk assessment is essential when evaluating your workplace to identify objects, situations and processes which may cause harm to yourself, your employees or the public.

Once these hazards are identified, risk assessments help you to analyse and evaluate how likely and severe the risk is. You can then determine the appropriate measures to eliminate the hazard, or in some cases ways to control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated.  


Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) is an important health and safety document that identifies the steps required to carry out a specific activity or task in a safe manner. RAMS can be utilised in conjunction with the risk assessment process.

Method statements, also referred to as a Safe System of Work, build on the information outlined in risk assessments, expanding on hazard identification, management and control measures. 

Unlike risk assessments, which review the whole workplace for hazards, method statements are written for specific, high-risk work activities such as working at height or using dangerous equipment. Tasks are broken down into steps, the hazards involved in each step are assessed, and then control measures are described in detail so that the resulting document can be easily followed by workers and contractors. It acts as a step-by-step guide to carrying out tasks safely. 

Our TEAM can help you to develop your RAMS using our detailed knowledge and understanding of the construction process and health and safety requirements.


Our TEAM will remove the stress of undertaking fire risk assessments and work with you to produce an FRA report which includes detailed records of the significant findings, a clear and concise action plan detailing actions recommended, and a full assessment of risk and hazard areas in the building.

All of our Fire Risk Assessments meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and the Fire Safety Act 2021, and we provide an assessor who is suitably experienced in your specific industry sector.

Our assessments and recommendations are developed to ensure not only the safety of employees, residents and others who may be affected by a fire on the premises but also the protection of the premises and its contents. We ensure recommendations are appropriate to your premises and business circumstances to effectively reduce, minimise or manage risks.


Employers are responsible for protecting their workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment (DSE), such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations apply to workers who use DSE daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more.

Incorrect use of DSE or poorly designed workstations and work environments can lead to pain in necks, shoulders, backs, arms, wrists and hands, as well as fatigue and eye strain. The causes may not always be obvious.

TEAM Safety Services provide a comprehensive DSE e-learning course that teaches employees how to set up a safe and comfortable display screen and workspace. It will also help employers reduce the risks and ensure that employees are aware of best practices.


To comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, a COSHH assessment is required to identify hazards, determine who may be harmed and how, assess the risks and consider control measures, record the results and implement control measures, monitor operations and review your COSHH assessment.

Health hazards are not limited to substances labelled as 'hazardous', some harmful substances can be produced by the process you use. For example, wood dust from sanding, or silica dust from tile cutting.

Once you have completed your assessment, it will benefit your business in many ways, as it can protect you legally but most importantly, protect workers’ health.

TEAM Safety Services can carry out a COSHH assessment on your workplace and assess your risks and advise you on any control measures required.


Where respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is used, it must be able to provide adequate protection for individual wearers.

As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it is unlikely that one particular type or size of RPE facepiece will fit everyone. Fit testing will ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the wearer.

TEAM Safety Services have fully trained Face Fit testers that can come to your work place and ensure that a facepiece or mask is tight-fitting and seals adequately to the wearer’s face.


Construction work requires constant monitoring and observation, as site activities and conditions are ever-changing. Under the CDM Regulations, the Principal Contractor is required to plan, manage and monitor the project's construction phase. Independent monitoring of on-site activities assists the Principal Contractor in establishing whether the arrangements which manage health and safety, including the control measures in place, are suitable and sufficient, or identify where additional control measures may be necessary.

A site health and safety inspection provides an independent view of compliance and will benchmark against legal compliance, best practice or your company's standard. Areas would typically include health and safety documentation, welfare provisions, first aid, security, fire precautions, personnel protective equipment, housekeeping, working at heights, manual handling, and much more. 

TEAM Safety Services are experts in providing independent, unbiased site inspections and site audits carried out to a timescale to suit your specific requirements.

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